What We Offer

Our Preschool Program offers enrollment for ages 6 weeks – K5. New Change utilizes Abeka, a biblically based curriculum that covers the same milestones and subjects as other schools such as: reading, math, history, health and science, but also helps the child build great character.

blue and red worm walking on a green line holding a stack of books and an apple
Black and white photograph of mother holding her toddler girl in her left arm and holding a conversation on the phone in her right hand.

Infants / Toddlers

We have specifically designed our infant and toddler programs to meet the essential needs of the infants and toddlers we serve. Our infant/toddler curriculum focuses on:

Boy with gray pants and striped t-shirt sitting on a green turtle seat on the playground while looking down to the ground

2’s (Two-year-olds)

Preschool learning for two-year olds goes beyond playtime. With Abeka, children are introduced to foundational academic concepts like:

photograph of girl with patterned orange and white dress holding hands with a smaller girl with blue denim dress

3’s (Three-year-olds)

As their preschool learning grows through exposure to phonics, numbers, art, poetry, and the Bible, three-year olds become students naturally and gain a strong foundation for Kindergarten:

black and white photograph of six boys sitting in a row on the playground, some with and some without masks.

K4 (Bridging preschool and Kindergarten)

The Abeka preschool program for K4 serves as a bridge between a preschool experience and Kindergarten:

boy in red t-shirt and glasses on leafy playground, raking up leaves

K5 (Preparation for Elementary School)

The Abeka preschool program for K5 prepares five-year-olds for elementary school with a great foundation for success:

smiling girl in gray fila shirt and two buns in her hair crosses her arms while staring at the camera in front of a background of green pencil drawings.

School Age

Our before and after school program is here to give the families in our community peace of mind about your child’s safety. Your child will develop new social skills and responsibilities and also receive assistance with their out-of-school educational needs.

• We offer children the chance to have fun and feel comforted
• Innovative hands on learning experiences
• Help with homework and reading assignments
• Exciting and new opportunities to be show individual creativity and explore their talent

Transportation Provided